My Lotus cars

This is where we proud owners can upload information and pictures of our pride-and-joys (their Exige that is..)
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qualifies as there is Exige content:
First one was a Titanium S2 (NA) - gratuitous pic of my Stratos replica! Image

Then there was this: Spyder Zetec Elan Image
- really a restomod, sold on before finished.

Then these 3 - Image
V6 Exige has now gone - I'm a S1 convert now. Blue Elise conversion is Audi powered (500bhp), wide arch clams with 17" front and 18" rear wheels. It's nearly finished. 111S is a keeper.
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What a cracking mixture!
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Wow super nice choice of cars, Stratos, Exige, Elan, Elise and you ended up with S1's, that is interesting. I guess different cars filling different roles. As much as I would like to ask about all of them how was the Stratos?! Would that have been the Hawk replica kit?
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thanks, yes the Stratos was a Hawk replica - built by myself over many years, but driven a lot too. I originally had the Lancia Beta 2.0 twin cam engine, but it felt underpowered, so converted it to 3.0l Alfa V6 Busso engine, and Group 4 body work, which looked, sounded and went much better. Stratos turned the most heads! - great experience of building, owning and driving it though. A friend of mine has just had his Lister Bell STR (Stratos replica) completed and it is such a move on in quality and finish. He has the Lotus 3.5 V6 fitted.
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Wow! Followed the various builds on Norlog. Always impressed.
Exige S1 No: 139
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Great selection. The Elan is particularly interesting.

I'd love a classic in the near future, but there's no way I'd be disciplined enough to respectfully restore one, it would have some stupid modern/powerful engine in it for sure :mrgreen:
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