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Location: Norfolk’s been done to death a million times but what tyres are people now using? It’s for more road than track. Currently have AD08R’s, might try the ZZS’s as going back to a 195 front appeals.

So what are the recommendations wise folk?
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I’m running Advan AO52’s

I’ve been super impressed by them.
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Anyone using Nankang NS2R’s?
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Rob999 wrote: Mon Oct 18, 2021 6:32 am Anyone using Nankang NS2R’s?
I’ve used these for a while. Only just changed to some AO48R’s to compare.

I think they’re good value for money but be aware they’re not great in the wet.
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the NS2R's are pretty decent as an all rounder, but i found they worked better on a heavy car where you can get some heat into them.

I have fitted a couple of sets of Toyo TR1 (not to be confused with T1R or R1R) these TR1's are a relatively new compound from Toyo and tbh, as a road tyre i could not complain at all. i have not tried them on track tho and i have not tried them in really bad conditions but i dont mind R888R in the pouring rain so i cant see the TR1's being an issue either.

Im a Toyo dealer and can get hold of Toyo for a decent price, i can also get hold of other manufacturers too but price varies. Let me know if i can be of help.
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