Hopeful switch - Impreza Type R to S1

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It took a while but finally picked her up last month.

Pity the bad weather is already here so will likely hibernate until the year with the plan to visit some tracks and see how she compares to the TypeR and work out if anything needs doing. The drive home from dealer was a motorway journey and although pretty dull drive I did try it on some local b roads. Steering is beautiful and what she lacks in torque is made up in spades when you work the engine.

Then you just have the way they look, pictures do not do them justice - the curves, how low and the laser blue is beautiful.

Spec is pretty basic:
- uprated discs, pagid blue pads, refreshed and coated swingarms, spitfire links
- 25k
- unmodified VHPD


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Looks an absolute peach. Great colour as well. I hope you enjoy it
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Ooof! 8-) :thumbup:
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Excellent choice :thumbup:
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Very nice. Where abouts are you?
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Looks great, congrats. And your right re pictures, they always look better in the real 😎
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Love Laser Blue.
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Rob999 wrote: Wed Dec 08, 2021 10:22 am Very nice. Where abouts are you?
Bromley area
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Thanks for kind words all
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