S1 Exige Speedline Corse Wheels wanted

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jameswoodings1983 wrote: Wed Sep 01, 2021 9:04 am Ive had literally 10 people message me for my wheels in the last 12/18 months.

Ive messaged speedline direct and got a reply saying they will get back to me

Will see how much to produce say a set of 10.

Will keep you posted. Naturally the bigger the order the cheaper the unit price so if anyone else is interested reply to this and will let you know what they say 👍👍
Just to be aware/conscious any “new” Speedlines will be Alloy not Magnesium per originals. They no longer make Mag wheels. I had a similar line of thought but they confirmed they are alloy only now. Cheers
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I may be interested in a new set If they have the correct offset and don’t need rear spacers like the Mag versions! :thumbup:
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Noted mate. I dont think anyone would care but a good point. They have got back to me saying they will be in touch 👍👍
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I will be interested in 4 fronts 7 x 16 E7 pcb 95.25 magnesium
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Well done @jameswoodings1983 🙌
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Great work, thanks. I’d be interested, price dependent.
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Don’t know if it’s of any help but Will Blackham has just advertised an Exige on PH and in the description states he has a set of Speedlines for it at additional cost…

https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing ... d%20search
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first post for me but interested in a set as well to italy
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In the long history of exiges.com there must have been 4-5 contacts made to the factory for another batch of Speedlines. I really hope it bears fruit this time but every time previously it falls on its face when they realise that the original moulds were destroyed.

One time it ended up with a group buy of TMR from Japan which also look awesome.

What's that...a pic of my car riding on TMR? Oh go on then :D

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I have to agree with Ben, I’ve tried to get speedline to make another batch of the wheels a couple of times and it has never been successful. Worth a try again though and hope you get a better outcome
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