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Came across the picture of the S3 Exige from Exigesdotcom on Instagram which mentioned the last built motorsport car. I thought the dept had folded by that point.

Do we know of the official Lotus Motorsport built models? Would be nice to know. I know they did a few Elises (Sport 190 for example too)

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I think:

Elise Sport 190
Elise 135r
Exige 240r
Exige Cup 240
Exige Cup 250
Exige Cup 255
Exige Cup 260 (08, 09 &10)
Exige V6 Cup
Elise S Cup

Mine like most Exige Cups were taken off the production line and built by the MS Dept, this meant you could spec most things, so pretty much all cups are unique as they weren’t constrained like production cars. Things like bag tanks, cages etc could be optioned as easily as airbags

Basically all the pre 2016 Cup cars and a few Elise, I’m sure there were more. They also supplied all the race cars like non road registered cups, and several race series around the globe which have later been converted to road. UAE for example had 20 odd race only Cup260s and some have been converted to road
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The last cars built by motorsport were the GTE's I believe.

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All the Evora GT4 cars were built by motorsport. I wazched a couple come together. Fabulous cars.
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