** SOLD** Toyota polyurethane engine mount inserts

Speaks for itself really !
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A full set of Toyota polyurethane engine mount inserts from Powerflex for the following according to Elise Parts website:

S2 2ZZ ELISE 2004-2011
S3 1.6 ELISE 2011-2014
S2 1ZZ ELISE 2006-2010
S3 ELISE 2011-2020
Removed from my S2 Exige after around 150 miles (fitted just before I purchased the car). These drastically reduce the engine movement during throttle operation but I found them too harsh. To be honest I didn't give them time to bed in due to the limited use the car gets. The yellow compound is for road use whilst the black is competition use. Sorry, cannot remember which is front/ rear in terms of mounting but you may be able to tell if you look at the car as the patterns only fit one combination.


Price includes UK delivery (Paypal please). These retail for around £50 online.
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