Raising the exiges.com level

for any non Lotus car talk or projects.
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No probs @andybond 👍
I’ll up the IG content as I’ve only been posting around once a week. If guys want to add more videos I’d like to include those.

I’ll up the story content too….
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I think Exiges started with a group of S1 owners on track and stopping their cars exploding and falling to bits, it was before my time. I think more events could be the way, maybe the strap line is “for the drivers”.
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Fonzey wrote: Thu May 06, 2021 9:32 am What would we look to gain from collaboration with another forum? That's not a passive aggressive question btw
Oh yes it is! <anger emoticon>

TBH I think exiges.com is picking up at the right sort of rate, I was chatting to Kyle the other week and saying how much I like reading a few of the build / resto threads on here. It's about the community (oh hell, here he comes with a bloody sermon) - so to everyone posting, hats off because I don't always comment in the threads but they are very much appreciated. :clap:
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I have been a member since 2008 and used to post up quite frequently. But during that time I was lucky enough to have owned 4 Exiges, now I have a 111s that I am slowly upgrading 😁. Just don't feel comfortable posting up about an Elise on a Exige forum.
I agree with what other people have said regarding more events, meetings and would be great to have at least one more track day mid to late summer. Would a sprint type event be viable? Could be fun but no idea how you would organise it.
Remember that there is so many Lotus type forums for a low volume car maker, which has a very loyal following so best not to worry too much about forum traffic. I really enjoy reading the threads about upgrades and rebuilds, which will probably become more frequent as these cars get older.
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Well said, Pete.
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Question: Is exiges.com broke?

If not, don't try to fix it.

Let's be honest, these days the propensity of people to complain (like a rash all over social media) means any dissatisfaction with the, site would be up there in lights.

It's always going to be a niche site simply because that the nature of the subject; we will never have huge membership because of that. Yes, that can limit the range of discussion, but what it might lack in breadth it makes up for (and more) in depth.

I only tend to post if I have - or think I have - something to contribute.

One thing I loathe on many other sites is getting notification of a "new post" only to find it's just someone posting a 'yes' or thumbsup...I like that doesn't happen much here!

My other pet hate - and again it doesn't happen much here - is the "quote everything in the previous umpteen posts" post. Why do that? On here it's great - we're all bright enough to follow the thread without constant reminders of who-said-what.

So yes, for me it ain't broke!
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Been around here since 2002,

Bit like a fire, if you dont put wood on, it will burn out.

Need to widen the audience, how?, dont ask me - just off to replace the plugs, points and condenser on the Mini.
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Does the audience need widening?

Exiges are, by the nature of the car, not a mass-market (mass-interest?) thing; so the audience will always be limited.

As it's a model rather than a manufacturer, it's not as if the site can increase its scope to include 'enthusiasts of...' and, in any case, that would risk diluting the concentration of useful info.
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Widening probably the wrong word, but we need more of the current audience if that makes sense.

It would only take 3 or 4 cars/projects to come to an end here and that would be it, no new posts and it would just become a dusty archive of useful info. Attracting a few more Exige owners is critical to the long term survival of the forum, even if there is a healthy network of friends lurking without posting.
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