Exiges Summer Meet at Caffeine and Machine

Planning a get-together, or want to tell us about a track day ?
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All booked for us, 12.30-3.30 slot

Will be along in our Aspen S2. Looking forward to it 😊
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Paid 12:30-15:30. EX51 GEE (yellow)
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Booked the lunch slot, looking forward to seeing everyone. :thumbup:
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Also booked for the lunch slot. Looking forward to it 👍🏼
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Booked for the lunch slot. Looking forward to it.
(Lee-S2 Exige Sprint)
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Booked - 0900-1200 currently 👍
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Will be nice to meet some more of you
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Can someone educate me on this venue? Why is it a tenner to get in? Or rather £30 for the day?
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High_octane wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:19 pm Can someone educate me on this venue? Why is it a tenner to get in? Or rather £30 for the day?
It’s a cafe, setup to be a motoring mecca with a bit of a hipster slant (COVID-19 not a risk, they are already on COVID-22, cos you haven’t heard of it yet type of place).
It sort of got more popular than planned, and became and day in day out Cars n Coffee meet, then the locals got pissed off so it had to become ticketed to control numbers.
It will be filled with people showing off cool cars, reasonable coffees and a chance to catch up with petrol nerds. If you’ve ever done cars n coffee in the States, it’s the closest to capturing that feel.
If any of that makes sense
Coffee is better than the usual chain crap too
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I have been twice. It's a great place to see such a varied collection of people's pride and joys in a chilled out, well themed environment.
Check out the website to give you an idea.
As said, it is very popular, they have to limit numbers attending, as people were parking on the road = annoying the plod.
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