S2 Exige Sprint numbers

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In a recent conversation about build numbers with Andy Graham, the company archivist, I asked about S2 Exige Sprint numbers to try and put to bed the various figures I have read over the last 12 months when I was purchasing mine.

We know the original press release stated 40, one for each each year of Hethal Production between 1967 and 2007 with the 1982 year being reserved for the death of Colin Chapman. However that car did eventually get allocated 1982, presumably at the 1st owners request when ordering the car (you could pick which year/car you ordered at the time of purchasing if it was available and they stuck the plaque on the car prior to delivery).

So, according to Andy:

The UK cars consisted of 27 built cars with a year as the build number out of the UK run of 40 originally allocated.
The LHD European cars consisted of 22 cars with sequence build number at the request of oversees dealers (you may have seen these in various YouTube videos)
There were two for Japan.

The original press car also went over to Japan after a UK owner (on SELOC) in around 2013 but differed with the smaller/standard front brake setup. This wasn't allocated a build year.

Speculation indicated 13 of each colour for the UK cars (with the extra yellow press car making total of 27) from reading pervious threads of owners visiting the production line at Hethal.

This probably explains the rarity of them coming up for sale, especially if a few have since been exported.

So there you go. :thumbup:
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