Eye-watering prices

Planning a get-together, or want to tell us about a track day ?
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Indeed. Want2race is the remains of Bookatrack. They do run days with low car numbers and they are often rare noisy days. I was a platinum member with them for a year and you got plenty of clear track time. The downsides were the number of race cars on the track, mainly Ginetta, which spent too much time in the gravel. I stopped when their prices went up more than I wanted to pay, that’s not to say the limited numbers are not worth it to some, not me though.

There are cheap TDOs that I never attend, as they have too many cars. You get what you pay for.
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seriouslylotus wrote: Wed Feb 24, 2021 9:07 pm Not quite sure why some think its a rip off or unethical.
We dont know the cost to hire a major UK circuit, Insurance costs, staff costs Etc We also dont know how many cars will be allowed
I for one would rather pay a little more to have less cars ie LOT days than days with so may cars that you queue to get on circuit (Javelin days)
I have heard that Donnington is between 15-20k per day depending on the time of year plus insurance and staff costs
TDO's need to make a profit or they wont be in business very long and then we wont have anywhere to explore the performance of our cars
I know that LOT days in the UK rarely break even and are supported financially by the European days.
Not wishing to upset or cause arguments I just think we are lucky to have soooo many days to choose from
I remember a few years ago we all looked forward to the Bookatrack noisy days at Donnington later in the year and I seen to recall the where about £400 back in 2012-2015 ish
I hear what you are saying Dave. We are super lucky.
However if a company is profiteering due to the lockdown thats when I have issue.

I noted some of the super expensive days at Donington are unsilenced events - fair play if they are high price. Its the normal run of the mill days that if they have jumped in price that gets me.

I am happy with LOT, seems well run and reasonable.
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