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Can't have enough light, the more the merrier. At least 2 circuits.
Bear in mind you may at a later date start hanging things from the ceiling
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I have two 6ft LED battens (daylight, so around 6000K) and those are absolutely fine, with floor area around 36 sq. m. That's downstairs so the Velux don't come into it, other than down the stairwell at one end.

Prior to that I had two 6ft fluorescent twin strips, and the LED's knocked those into the proverbial cocked hat...much more and it would look like the teleporter off Star Trek!!
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Thanks for your input gents, much appreciated.

I've done some calculations and more research, apologies in advance for the dull post :lol:

My other outbuildings have 2x 5ft LED battens (5,600 LM each @ 4000k/daylight), providing a total 11,200 Lumens (LM) in each room:

Outbuilding 1 - Low Ceiling 2.2m
11,200 LM / 150 sq. ft = 75 LM per sq. ft (Adequate light)

Outbuilding 2 - Low Ceiling 2.2m
11,200 LM / 250 sq. ft = 45 LM per sq. ft (Not enough light)

Based on the above and searching online suggests a workshop needs somewhere between 70 LM and 100 LM per sq. ft.

New Garage - High Ceiling 3.7m
43,200 LM (12x 600x600 LED [email protected] 3,600 LM each) / 515 sq. ft = 84 LM per sq. ft (Required min. light?)

The design will probably have three separate lighting circuits; 4x panels above the work-bench/back-wall and 4x panels above each bay (2x panels either side of each car to prevent shadows):

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Been a while, just thought I’d post an update!

Almost got the exterior complete, just needs guttering, drainage/attenuation tank and driveway sorted:


Interior first fix is done, just putting the finishing touches on hold due to starting on the house extension before winter kicks in.

Couldn’t resist getting the Exige into its new home and taking a few pics last weekend, just a shame it’s not quite finished:


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Looking good 😎

Very jealous.
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That looks fantastic! Well done
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I have garage envy
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ooooofffffff :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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Thanks for the comments 👍

Just found this 1980’s newspaper in the cavity wall of the old kitchen!

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lovely mate.

i'd be well happy with that!
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