refurbed suspension pics

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Looks nice,top garage and ramps...respect
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Just had to be done when I was getting the garage built, was totally worth all the hassle of getting the ramp in it’s worth it’s weight in gold
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Great effort!
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Quick Q on the Ohlins mounting. What are the remote reservoirs jubilee'd to? It looks like a tube between the bolts on the wishbones.
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I have similar Ohlins units on my S1. The standard installation for the remote is on the wishbone bar.

However I figured out that by swapping the front units over, ie. left to right, the remotes can be installed under the front panel.

Swapping over was necessary as the units are 'handed' and it made routing the hose much easier.

This makes them much more accessible and they aren't affected by road grime!
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