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This is where we proud owners can upload information and pictures of our pride-and-joys (their Exige that is..)
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Where did we get to…

Before fitting the refurbed gearbox I fitted a competition clutch lightened flywheel and Honda clutch.

Add new Honda slave cylinder and finish up the coolant pipes and hoses.

Add some shouldered washers and bulkhead fittings for the fuel lines. Image

Fit the refinished subframe and work out oil lines to remote filter and laminova oil cooler.

I wanted an over subframe exhaust system, I also wanted to include a catalytic converter. I picked up this secondhand system with a view to cutting it up to do what I needed. Image

Some head scratching and a bit of luck later..

Rear clam back on, all electrics reconnected, fluids filled and checked and off for an mot.
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Good stuff Jon 👍
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Great update!
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Thats reads like it was a quick afternoons work 😁

Mega. 👏😎

Well done. That’s a huge undertaking and looks fantastic. A lot of very nice details. I have oil hose envy. Looks like those light weigh Goodridge line I see advertised in racetech.

Come to Lotus in the Peak!
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Thanks all, passed its mot with only advisories on 2 worn tyres (thought they were getting close) and parking brake near the top (hopefully an easy adjust)

This is very much the abbreviated version! I know the Honda Elise/Exige Is a well trodden path now, but I have done one or two things differently. This meant custom pipes fabricated, then fittings I ordered wouldn’t work so try something else till you get a good solution, faulty parts and so it goes on!

Would definitely like to come to the peaks event. Will have to get booked.
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