S2 Exige Y spoke rear alloys

Speaks for itself really !
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I have a pair of 2007 exige rear Y spoke alloys for sale.
Rather offer you lot first before i have to deal with seloc.
Both tires are on the ware marks so only good for track use. Federal RSR 595
One alloy is in really good condition but the other has some large surface marks. This is only powder coat damage so nothing a new coat wont fix.
They where on the car for 25000 miles.
Looking for £600 for the pair plus delivery.
Contact me with any questions
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A set of four like that would not get £600, even if three of them were unmarked.

Track tyres on the wear bars are fekkin useless too btw. Good luck with the sale :thumbup:
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Ok. Was very much misinformed about the value of these when i was unable to find any others for sale.
Thanks for the heads up.
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