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Looking good.
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Great work James 👍👍
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Not much done today, but finally got around to putting the foam onto the boot floor as I want to finish it up with the DIY divider panel some time soon. I'm sure items wouldn't fall down onto the driveshafts but I haven't wanted to risk it so far.

I gave it a hoover and wiped around some white spirit to give the foam backing a clean surface to adhere to.

Not the neatest job and I'm not overly happy with how it meets the edges but it was tough to get the sheet in the right place on my own with the adhesive backing sticking to everything it touched.
I'll see how well it holds up over time. I'm a little concerned about the exhaust bolts already nearly breaking through the foam.

While I had the boot lid up I noticed the bolts and washers used to fix the engine finisher panels on had been rusting in the weather channel. Perhaps these bolts weren't stainless so we're always going to rust in the position they were in.
I took them off and gave them a quick spray with the matte black paint I've used on lots of things and these should hopefully be a bit more protected now.

I also think they look better when you catch them against the black of the acrylic cover instead of the silver.

Finally grabbed the tiny bit of bunting we had in the house to get the car a bit more jubilee ready. Next event is the Goodwood breakfast on Sunday for the jubilee event.
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Lovely job!
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