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Anyone had success with heat wrap on their manifolds?

just thought it looks better and does the same job. heat sheild on my S1 looks poorly
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Yeah I've heatwrapped exhausts for all of my modified cars. There are horror stories about them retaining moisture and rotting stuff through, but providing you're wrapping a half decent condition system that's not already starting to rot out, I doubt it would be a problem. I've certainly never had issues.

You have to be prepared to redo it occasionally, as it doesn't last forever. Particularly if it's a part you'll be handling somewhat regularly. If left alone and it's not subject to a lot of air movement etc, you might get 2-3 years out of it.

I've switched to ceramic coating on my S2, but to be honest it's pretty much performing the same... and the cost of it would have allowed me to re-wrap it 4 times over!
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