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Speaks for itself really !
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Hi all. Been having a garage clear out. Got lots of spares and bits that are no longer needed. All are S1 Exige and Elise, and some Honda Conversion bits. This is what's been sorted out so far. Will be more to come. :thumbup:

Used Lotus motorsport rear steel uprights (to fit 2 pot AP calipers on the rear) with bearings and flanges £400.
Fitting kit for the above, top hat bushes spherical bearings and spacers/bolts etc and lower brace bar. (New parts). £100.
2 pairs of AP 2 pot front calipers. (In need of refurb. £100 per pair.
1 pair of rear Brembo calipers. (In need of refurb) £100.
Several Long and short driveshafts with tripod joints (no cvs) varying conditions £offers.
Pair of used front aluminium uprights one with flange (need a good clean up) £200.
Offside rear aluminium upright with wishbone mount, good bearing, drive flange and toe link double shear support bracket £200.
Steering rack, needs a refurb £80.
3 NSF lower wishbones
3 OSF lower wishbones
1 NSF upper wishbone
1 OSF upper wishbone
5 rear upper wishbones
Price depends on condition some very good, some in need of total refurb.
S1 Elise front anti roll bar with alloy clamp brackets. Would need a repaint £40.
Rota slipstream wheel. S1 Elise front size. 15"x 6.5". Freshly powder coated in satin black. £150.
Early S1 Elise blue leather seat bit tatty but useable £80.
Early S1 Elise bare seat shell, was stripping to make a lightweight pax seat when LOT regs required to run a pax seat. Regs then changed before it was finished. £50.
Janspeed sports exhaust, twin round tail pipes, deliver mileage only £150.
OE flexi link pipe, short one for Exige. Flex needs replacing due to small crack. £30.
S2 Elise Rover stainless sports exhaust and sports cat. Twin round chrome tail pipes, twin silencer boxes. Not 100% sure what make it is but look like the Hayward & Scott one in the tech wiki on seloc. £100.
S2 Elise standard exhaust manifold. 6 stud type £75.
S1 Elise rear bare clam. Damaged but easily repairable. £75
S1 Elise bare front clam, dammage repaired but needs finishing. £75.

3 offside rear S1 Elise arch liners
1 near side rear S1 Elise arch liner

K20a Honda bits.
Throttle body inc TPS. £150.
Standard inlet manifold £100.
Std k20 pra ECU. The type you need to be modified to a k-pro £150.
New Honda conversion S1 driveshafts £250.(pair)
Used honda conversion S1 driveshafts with used outboard CV's £150 (pair)

Pictures available by request.
Email [email protected]
If your interested or want any more info.
Cheers Steve.
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