NYLOC Breakfast Meeting 25th July - Leeds

Planning a get-together, or want to tell us about a track day ?
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I realise the weather gods are looking down and thinking 'yeah, might just dampen their enthusiasm somewhat' but there's the first official post-lockdown meeting of NYLOC this Sunday. It's the 25th July at 10am at the Fox & Grapes on the A64 between Leeds and York and any Lotus bods are welcome.

No idea if any of you can make it but it'd be great to see you there if you can. The pub's doing bacon / sausage sandwiches and a tea / coffee for a reasonable price. If you do turn up and none of the miserable beggars talk to you (they're lovely really), just ask for me, PT or someone in admin and we'll introduce you around.

Bloody typical it's gonna be after the nice weather but hey ho. ;)
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