track-group Open Day! 26th June 2021

Planning a get-together, or want to tell us about a track day ?
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When I went to pick my car up from track-group on Wednesday, they mentioned to me that they're going to have an open day on Saturday 26th June 2021. There'll be a 2ZZ on their engine dyno and Stephen mentioned that anyone from would be welcome to come and have a sniff around and a chat!

As I mentioned in my thread, I'm super-happy with the work they did for me, so figured I'd pass on the info here :)
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Thanks for promoting this! Ill put it on the FB page as well.
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Didn't realise these were on the same estate as RRR and Elise Parts.

Would love to see a 2zz on a bench dyno though... I shall check the diary.
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Hi Guys, everyone welcome, we’ll have various Porsche & Lotus bits on display and a 2ZZ on the dyno.

If anyone wants anything ordered from RRR or Eliseparts I’m happy to pick up for collection on the day.

Any questions feel free to call or email. If you want a free engine health check then these need to be prebooked via [email protected] or 07590 688 211

- borescope
- leakdown test
- compression test

Hopefully see some of you there.

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