2.9" pulley map/tune

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Anyone got a map or feedback to compare on general parameter settings for a standalone before I take my car to daytuner in Harrogate? rolling rd session scheduled for the 16th.

running a 2.9" pulley on 550cc injectors with very large inter-cooler. hoping fuel pump can keep up but car I have owned some 6 years is extensively modified so we shall see.

A kind chap close by to me sent me a map to get it the EMU ECU master Black running as the ecu from RRR did not have a base map on it to get it running. It was not bringing in fuel pump at all until the donated map was installed. It drives quite well now but does stutter the one time I took it to higher revs. no more of that until fully tuned.

would love to compare what spark and fuel settings others with this setup are running.

happy to share my own results after the tune. Hoping I'm not breaking any protocols here!

I just don't want an overly very conservative rich map with ignition removed. Not sure how many Lotus 2zz motors Daytuner has had his hands on but he comes recommended.

kind regards
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Hi mate, it may be worth changing the injector parameters from the map I sent you as I only run 440cc ones.

Most common brands of injector are preloaded into the EMU software so you can just select the right ones from the list in theory.
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