Cars of the Cotswolds - Classic Motor Hub Bibury

Planning a get-together, or want to tell us about a track day ?
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Popped along today.. I like the Motor Hub it’s an interesting site being the remains of an RAF airbase/out post and they often have some great cars in stock.

Nice to get for an event and they did well to gather so many cars, but it was pretty samey with a lot of 911’s etc and being honest for me these days once you’ve seen one modern Ferrari you’ve seen them’s the quirky modern classics that interest me more, but it was a nice excuse for a drive out.

The route to Bibury is out in the Cotswolds and after days of rain it was warm and dry and I just had a great drive out and took a very scenic route home, and was really grateful for some empty miles to enjoy the Exige.

Having spent an hour or so looking at Ferrari Pista’s, McLaren’sand Lambos I didn’t leave with any envy, happy in my quirky little plastic car 👍😎😁

Did see a very nice S3 Exige there I think a 380, looked a big step forward from a S1 👍





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Definitely the best looking car there!
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