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Speaks for itself really !
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425 and a 10pk of Bisto?
Mr Pesky
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TarmacTerrorist wrote:425 and a 10pk of Bisto?
Is that a "deffo"? If so, done deal.
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The one thing that should be enforced is putting an asking price in the ad - as per the rules!

I'm put off buying when someone says 'offers', but I'll always make an offer if there is a reasonable asking price stated, if not intending on meeting the asking price.
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I agree, something isn't sold until it is paid for. It is so easy these days to get payment to someone if you are serious about wanting to buy something. I am sure we have all been messed around when selling something.
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Mr Pesky wrote: Anyone want to buy some silver S2 Spider wheels for £425? :lol:
That's wierd... I was promised them and was going to re-sell for £ 500!! :lol:
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