Wanted: Exige S1 wing

Speaks for itself really !
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Re: Wanted: Exige S1 wing

Post by mill »

Ahh ok thanks for the heads up, I have a motorsport wing also but fortunately have never had any issues from the police etc

Hopefully it's just a Dutch thing ;)

And yes cool car BTW 8-)

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Re: Wanted: Exige S1 wing

Post by thommo »

Car looks superb. Pity you have to lose the MS wing

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Re: Wanted: Exige S1 wing

Post by evo_ufo »

Car looks fantastic as it is. Is there anything that you could change with the end plates that would mean it was okay?

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Re: Wanted: Exige S1 wing

Post by Emiel »

Thanks again :) I bought the Elise in 2009 because I could not slaughter an original Exige (back then below 20k you had one...)
Not much original anymore in regards of engine, cooling, uprights, brakes, etc

looked into the rules. If I place the wing within the bodywork and put a rubber on the edge on the back I might be ok’ish.

Just taking a gamble. Fed up with all the rules to be honest....
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Re: Wanted: Exige S1 wing

Post by TarmacTerrorist »

is the exige std wing not the same as the 2-11 std wing?

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Re: Wanted: Exige S1 wing

Post by DanMM »

Your car looks fantastic Emiel I especially love the wheels, are they fully painted Lotus Type 25s or something else?

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