What if ? ( ECU content )

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What if ? ( ECU content )

Post by dubs »

The ecu on my 190 s1 exige is knackered, if i phone lotus in the morning will they say send it down to the factory and we"ll reset it for u (for a fee).Try and sell me a new one (for a large fee) or do i take my chances on e_bay and by a second hand one. OPTION C get the credit card out and by an emerald. all sensible replys considered,thanks Dougie

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Re: What if ? ( ECU content )

Post by Dobbo »

I imagine a new Emerald would be similar �� to a "bend over and take it" price for the standard one from Lotus, so unless they can reset it (cheaply), I'd go Emerald.


Re: What if ? ( ECU content )

Post by stevegreen »

Look on ebay, or ask around on the forums. Ringing the main engine converters wouldn't hurt either.

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Re: What if ? ( ECU content )

Post by Scooteroo »


I've got a spare 190 ecu knocking around in the garage. Havn't got round to listing it on ebay yet. Make me a sensible offer and you can have it.



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Re: What if ? ( ECU content )

Post by charliew »

what about douglas valley breakers in coppull/ lancashire, they usually have a few.

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Re: What if ? ( ECU content )

Post by IDG »

Emerald (if you can afford it), your engine will thank you.


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Re: What if ? ( ECU content )

Post by pmyhill »

Hi Dougie, your best bet is to go with the emerald - you wont regret it, it will make your car feel so much better.

Lotus should have fitted one from the start.