Caffeine & Machine new venue

Planning a get-together, or want to tell us about a track day ?
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Heard a rumour at the weekend that C&M are buying a new location - the Knockerdown Inn just north of Ashbourne (not far from where I live),
If it turns out to be true we'll have to get a visit arranged there!
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This sounds like great news!
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Still too far away 😄
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Loved visiting C&M. 😎
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Not sure where the rumour came from as it was only bought recently by Barrel & Stone?
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I was listening to Smith & Sniff podcast with Johnny Smith, he mentioned last week it was going to be in the Peak District but wouldn't say where exactly.
Definitely need to arrange a visit once open.

I nip hear sometimes at the weekends for a coffee .......
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I might give that a try - looks interesting
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