Planning a get-together, or want to tell us about a track day ?
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Just completed a day at Goodwood. What a fantastic and lightning fast track. Playtime in the morning and dream rides in the afternoon. Took the s2 as I did not fancy 180 drive there in the heat and no air con. Constant queue for rides in the Exige, had to hide when I needed a rest. Noise is a major issue, much short shifting needed and 5th and 6th. As the poor lotus has hardly moved in three years I forgot how nice it it is. New Brembo pads are not great, especially as they were not bedded in, no issueon the road but not rs42 on track.

If you have never been, do it, scary as Oulton, demands respect. Make sure your car is quiet, it’s the supercharger that makes mine noisy.
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I do fancy it one day Keith, glad you had a good time.
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