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This is where we proud owners can upload information and pictures of our pride-and-joys (their Exige that is..)
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I can’t believe I still have this car. Retired from daily use around the time of my last post above, just touring and track days. Embarrassingly little use due to work and family commitments recently, haven’t been on track for I think 3 or 4 years. I’ve thought about selling it a couple of times but I haven’t got the loot for anything I’d actually replace it with.

Did a 1000 mile run up around Scotland at the weekend with some friends, it still pretty well holds its own.

Any other decade-plus cars about ?

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Well it's still looking lovely :thumbup:
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That's a lovely car in one of the best colours. I like the look of the earlier S2 Exiges.
The 911 to the left looks massive compared to the Exige.
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