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for any non Lotus car talk or projects.
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Tiz ages since I have been on here mainly because my rebuild project is finished and due to the obvious have not been anywhere to report on!
I managed 100 miles in the S1 between MOTs so at that rate it will need another rebuild due to lack of use. :shock:
Guess the next move will be selling it .
Pleased to report that at 81 I can still get in and out of it......just.,
Exige does keep me going . And Exiges.com keeps me in touch.
Sadly I believe the new breed of Exigers are not quite the hands on enthusiasts that we were ...especially as cars get far more complicated
By moving into the supercar prices Lotus has lost a lot of the enthusiast element of its fan base?
Keep having fun peeple.
Adventure not Dementia
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Good to hear from you Clive, I’ll have to invite myself over for a coffee again 😄😄

Hope you’re keeping well.
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Some excellent feedback here chaps. If anyone wants to “come on board” just drop me a PM and I’ll add you to the fold.
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I still read every post on here... just don't have my car back yet to continue any updates... I will as soon as I do
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@Fonzey - point taken, more Exige owners with input would be much better than simply more members

@MrBean - like you I didn't get much S1 mileage over the last year, but then Coronavirus put paid to that (along with work, which was pretty much non-stop...no furlough for me!)

Taking both of these into account, it will be interesting to see how things change once owners have the opportunity to go places and do things. Hopefully that will, in itself, generate more posts.
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To be honest like others I like this site for the technical knowledge, projects and lack of drama compared to other forums.

I lurk a lot purely because I use the site for easy reading. I don’t have much to update on my project thread but maybe myself and others should put some effort in to those even if it’s just a photo of “I took it out/cleaned it on the weekend” kind of thing.

I do agree that the S3 owners are less likely to tinker with their cars, but I think that will change the older they get.
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MrBean wrote: Sun May 09, 2021 11:24 am
Pleased to report that at 81 I can still get in and out of it......just.,
Exige does keep me going . And Exiges.com keeps me in touch.
Great to hear from you. It has indeed been a long time. Now that you have "broken radio silence" how about updating us about the rebuild . . .?
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