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New kid in town ? Say hello to the massive.. Do you have an Exige ? Looking to buy one ? Sold one or just a fan ?
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Purchased my first Lotus back in October last year having owned. TVR T350 for the last 10 years. Really enjoying the Exige, really becoming very attached now I am able to get out and about. Booked into the driving academy at Hethel in September for the three day driving course...then hope to start enjoying a few track days.
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Welcome 👋. Used to be from down your way, there’s a great lotus community down your way. Pop up some pics too, always good to see the cars 👍
The driving academy is great, 3rd day without doubt most useful for me. You’ll love it. All instructors are great, but bring something different
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Welcome along Graham.

Any pictures or mods of your car?
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Welcome Graham!
There's quite a few of us in the area (Lotus in general, not just exiges).
Enjoy your car!
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Hi mate
Welcome to the club.
I live in Westbury 👍
Thanks Paul
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Great to have you aboard, keep posting !
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Welcome to the club.
I’m in Wiltshire too (Trowbridge)🙂
You may know already but Club Lotus are at Castle Combe racing circuit on Saturday May 29th for their annual event, well worth a visit and it’s free to get in🙂. Always plenty of friendly Exige owners to chat with although not so many S1’s, mind you I should be there in mine hopefully.
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