S2 Exige S 240 in Sunny Swindon

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Hi everyone!

Little introduction as I recently bought my first Lotus!
I've wanted an S2 for a long time and finally in the position to get one and have ended up with an Exige S 240 in Chrome Orange.

It was standard when I got it (bar the exhaust, which I'll need help identifying please! I'll start a separate thread). I've since done a couple of little things to it and have a short 'to do' list as well.
I've also booked myself onto the C&M meet on 1st August. And will be at Castle Combe on 8th June with LoT, and Curburough on 24th June with LDC.

I recognise a few people on here that I follow on Instagram, really enjoying what I've seen of the Lotus community and look forward to meeting you soon.

James 8-)

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❤❤❤ thats all
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Welcome James, car looks fantastic - good work booking onto some events too, hopefully see you soon on track/meet :thumbup:
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Looks great, fantastic colour!
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Fantastic! Lovely colour. I lived in Sunny Swindon for a year whilst on placement at Uni.
Another follower on your Insta.

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Lovely looking car, the Orange really suits the Exige 😎👍👋
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Lovely. A very desirable colour and spec, well done.
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Nice one James, cars looking good 😎
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Thanks all! Really pleased with the car. It's not without its niggles hence sorting some bits and having a to do list, but for me that's all part of car ownership, love getting my hands dirty!
And thanks for the Instagram follows! I'm a sucker for admiring everyone's pride and joy on insta :)
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Lovely colour
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