Hi from New Zealand

New kid in town ? Say hello to the Exiges.com massive.. Do you have an Exige ? Looking to buy one ? Sold one or just a fan ?
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Hi all,
I’m Chris from Christchurch, New Zealand.
I’ve been lurking about on SELOC and here for a while now, and about 10 months ago I bought a 2000 Sport 160 Elise S1 with the intention of doing an Exige Conversion.

Some of you may be slightly horrified (as there are many on the Sport 160 FB page) that I’m converting a rare S160, well originally I was set to buy a heavily modified std spec S1 Elise just before we had a COVID lockdown, I’d then ordered the clam kit and a few other things like the factory wheels and guard liners etc.....only for the owner to decide after the lockdown that he was going to keep it :roll: ......so I had to find another S1.

Now being in NZ, Lotus are few and far between, so it’s a bit of beggars can’t be choosers, but with a bit of help from the local Lotus club I found another S1.....which happened to be a Sport 160 (one of only three in the country)
It’s a one lady owner car, who emigrated from Scotland 20 years ago and bought it with her. It’s not a bad car, low miles (32,000), and is completely bog standard, but really in the 20 years has only had the oil changed and tyres thrown at it.....so it needed a refresh (I’ll do a build up on here as I get into the conversion).....not even the cambelt had been changed, but I got it at a bargain price.
So as mentioned, I’ll do a build page as I go along, it may take a bit of time to do this car as I only have weekends to work on it, and I’m not the fastest spanner monkey out there.

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Hi and welcome, looking forward to following your project 👍
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Good luck with it pal, let me know if you have any questions and I'll try and help as best I can to avoid the mistakes I made 👍 looking forward to following it
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Welcome along. I’ll follow the build thread with interest!
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Welcome along. We like build projects with lots of pics. Best of luck. Keep it coming👍
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Cheers guys!
Will do James, I have been following your build from the start :clap:
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