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New kid in town ? Say hello to the massive.. Do you have an Exige ? Looking to buy one ? Sold one or just a fan ?
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Hi Guys. If you're on other Lotus forums you probably recognise my nickname...

Anyway in my MY2010 240S (white like the middle car in the banner) suffering from saggy headlining.... did a search on google and found threads on here suggesting that it was highly unlikely that the factory roof is salvageable so I'm currently researching replacement headliner fabrics to attempt a DIY repair.

Just thought I'd say thanks for posting that thread and guessing on the age of my car I'll be looking into more topics like this as I maintian my ageing car..

I already anticiate that after the headlining I'll be considering DIY repairs to my factory fibreglass splitter.
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Can't help with the headlining but good to hear from you. Keep us up to date on progress. :thumbup:
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I recommend Allon White, the only officially authorised Lotus trimmer.
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I dont know where abouts you are in the UK but Doncaster trimmers seem to do well.
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