Hi from 390 owner to be

New kid in town ? Say hello to the Exiges.com massive.. Do you have an Exige ? Looking to buy one ? Sold one or just a fan ?
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Hi, I used to own a s2 Elise 20 years ago but my ex made me sell it when our first born arrived. One reason she’s now an ex!
Just put down a deposit on a sport 390 in azure blue, so will be an Exige owner soon-ish :-)

Thought I’d come say hi.

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Welcome, have you got your delivery date yet?

Spec looks great on the 390, getting you into the chargecooled platform
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Welcome....look forward to seeing it.
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Are they chargecooled?
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Welcome, great choice - look forward to hearing more.

Temptation to order a new Elise/Exige for the last time ever is quite strong...
Lavazza wrote: Thu Feb 11, 2021 8:21 pm Are they chargecooled?
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No delivery date as yet. Once I hear more from Bell & Colvil I will let you know! I think I've got the last of their Exige FE slots, so if you want one you may need to shop around the other dealers.

Yes, it's charge cooled, one of the reasons that the 390 was too much temptation. The 350 was, well, nice. But that extra near 50 hp, charge cooler with the lightweight wheels and the TFT screen was enough for me to sign up!
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Update, delivery expected in May
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Exciting times. Great to see it chargecooled.
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