Hello from a new owner in SE London

New kid in town ? Say hello to the Exiges.com massive.. Do you have an Exige ? Looking to buy one ? Sold one or just a fan ?
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Hi all,

Thought i’d introduce myself belatedly after a few months of ownership. I bought a 2006 black Exige S a few months ago privately, a car I’ve dreamt about for a very long time! Not my first rodeo as I’ve had an Elise S1 111s, 2 VX220’s, a Clio V6 and a Boxster along the way. The daily is an FK2 CTR, though that’s mainly driven by the GF to school and back (teacher not pupil…).

Loving the car and have inevitably started thinking about upgrades (over years not months!), broadly:

260 upgrade when the insurance decreases a little (all no claims were against the CTR)

Change the TRD airbox back to stock - tinnitus says NO! Struggling to find a price for these on line, every search brings up TRD rather than OE.

AIM dash - initially thought I couldn’t get this installed on a white dash non airbag model, but apparently it is possible with some internal mods to the binnacle.

Some form of extended rear diffuser - but nothing toooo crazy.

Probably no point getting into exhausts due to the tinnitus thing - also Brands is the local track and I gather the limits there are pretty low these days

Tillet B5’s and harnesses.

Probably going to stop there as that’s enough to bankrupt me.

Merry Xmas & NY everyone!


Will dig out a picture when I get a moment :-)
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Hello and welcome
if you need any help with the aim dash, I did lots of development with aim include the stuff for the white dash cars.
can also help with power upgrade as well as many other parts....
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Cheers Dave :-)
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I shall welcome you once I see a picture 😄
Sort of recognise the name from .Org 👍
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Welcome aboard, looking forward to following your progress. Please keep posting :thumbup:
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Welcome! Look forwards to some pics.
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Congratulations and welcome, we do like photos here! 😄👍

Use the following link for Bell & Colvill’s parts order system.

Select Lotus and then select S2 Exige and then drill down on the part you require by using the diagrams. Failing that, I believe the Parts Dept. are back open on Monday 4th January, they’re a very helpful bunch 👍


Btw looking at the various add on options can be an expensive slippery slope! 😁
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Welcome, I reckon I've got a standard airbox somewhere. I'll be up in the loft soon getting this Christmas way stowed so I'll have a look. What I will say however is that on a SC car, my experience was that the noise really didn't change much when switching to TRD in the first place (it was much more obvious on my old NA car). There's a cardboard acoustic snail thing which is more likely to make an impact, and is removed as part of the TRD install so I reckon it's worth trying to source one of those. I think I may have destroyed mine taking it off, but I'll check.
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Thanks for all the welcomes and assistance!

@Rob999 yes I have been known to post on SELOC once in a while under a similar username :-)

@HOON thanks for the link! Looks like the OE stuff is way more expensive than the TRD assuming I need the complete assembly. Who knew?!

@Fonzey thanks for the info, Didn't know about the snail thing. If you happen to find anything in your loft I'll gladly take it off your hands. Iphone was telling me 108db in the cabin which seems a little excessive....earplugs are my friend currently!

Cheers Guys :-)
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Yikes that sounds loud. What Exhaust does it have?
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