Hello from a new member of the club

New kid in town ? Say hello to the Exiges.com massive.. Do you have an Exige ? Looking to buy one ? Sold one or just a fan ?
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Hi all,

Just introducing myself and posting for what is hopefully the first of many times. Just purchased my S1 and looking forward to few dry runs before the end of the year, lockdown permitting. Couple of pics below but also hoping I can learn from your collective wisdom over time should/ when any problems arise!

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What a superb looking car. Welcome to the fold.
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Smashing, welcome aboard.
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A stunner congratulations 👍
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Welcome 👍
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Great to have you aboard. There’s a rush to join us . . . Hope you enjoy the car and exiges.com
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Lovely looking car, enjoy! 😎
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Thank you all.
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