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Been here before quite a few years ago before I bought my S2 Club Racer. Thanks for prodding me in the right direction on your Facebook page.
I’ve now had my Club Racer for 5 years and no doubt others on here will have seen it on various LDC events across the country. I’m based in west Wales and have annually organised the LDC Pembrokeshire Driving Adventure (sadly cancelled this year for obvious reasons).
I will now keep a regular look out on here.
Keep safe everyone and I look forward to meeting up with others once this situation changes.
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I havent seen your club racer! Any pictures Mister?
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Any photos, have you made any upgrades to the car?
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I do like these. Lovely pic, lovely car
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One of the more aesthetically pleasing specials over the years, lovely car :thumbup:
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That looks stunning but could you please take it off my front drive :D
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