New owner #001

New kid in town ? Say hello to the massive.. Do you have an Exige ? Looking to buy one ? Sold one or just a fan ?
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Good evening all

I am now the proud owner of #001 (S1 Exige) and look forward to joining the chat on this forum - thank you for having me.
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Ooo! You bought history 👍🏻😎

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Oh wow! Congratulations [mention]Palmergeddon[/mention]
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Superb, saw #001 at Lotus Silverstone when I was on the hunt, and I wondered how long it will be before someone snaps it up.

Well done. :thumbup:
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Congratulations - look forward to seeing and hearing more about #1. Hope you’re going to put some extra miles on it 😎👍
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Thanks everyone!

Yes, I plan on using the car and putting some much needed miles on. The guys at Lotus Silverstone have been great and have lent me a Caterham 270s while they complete a major service. I'll add some photos once it arrives.
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Loan car tucked away. Looks like the weather is going to make a change for the worse - should be lots of fun in the Caterham :D

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Wonderful! Hope you spend a lot of time driving it and keeping in touch here.
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Congratulations, definitely a piece of history :) IMO the cars do benefit from being used so glad it won't be a garage queen :thumbup:

(Yes, I'm a hypocrite, mine's been off the road for months :lol: )
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Congratulations and welcome :thumbup: Both my dad and I have S1 Exiges (his from new) and I'm on my second S1 in Chrome orange with a Honda SC, I dabbled with a Caterham R300 in between my S1 Exiges, great car but very compromised for general road use. You will love the S1 I've drove both mine and my dads a few times in the last few days and both are very different but equally give huge smiles and grins. The reactions you get from pedestrians and other road users is nothing but positive 8-)
Hopefully you can get out in the car soon.

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