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New kid in town ? Say hello to the Exiges.com massive.. Do you have an Exige ? Looking to buy one ? Sold one or just a fan ?
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Hi all!

I'm finally back in Lotus ownership with a nice and subtle, orange sport 350! Will try and attach pics below...

This is my 3rd Lotus, having started off back in 2003 with a then new S2 111s. Ran that as my daily for 3 years and thoroughly enjoyed it, immersing myself in the Lotus ownership family - meets, runs, trackdays etc. With no sign of that diminishing, I traded up to an S2 Exige N/A, and ran that for another 3 years, loving every minute of it, rattles, niggles and all. Didn't quite realise at the time just how good that car was, as in 2009 I decided to sell with a family on the way, and thus began the wilderness years :(

Couldn't justify at the time keeping the Exige and running a cheap daily, so decided to go down the "practical" performance car route... Along the way I've dabbled at the other end of the performance spectrum with an R35 GTR and also a C63. Both extremely good cars and thoroughly enjoyed owning them, that C63 noise is something else! But throughout, I've always wanted to get back into an Exige - they really get under your skin!

Still can't really justify it, but the man maths kinda works :crazy: Chopped in the C63 for a daily I can chuck the kids in, use for work and not worry about, and now also got something to deliver that hit when I need a proper focused drive - it's good to be back!!

Got a euro trip planned down to the Alps in July, so thoroughly looking forward to blowing the cobwebs away down there!!

Hope to meet a few of you around - maybe even meet up with some old faces from a few years ago!?


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Welcome along
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Hi Andy,

welcome on board. Lovely car in a nice colour. Your Lotus 'career' sound familiar.

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Often look at an NA S2, I do miss mine also. Welcome Andy, beautiful looking S3 mate :thumbup:
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Welcome back. Lovely colour, suits the S3, I think.
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