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* Car Date of registration = June 2002 !! (the last registered?) on an "02" plate

* Manufacture Number (last three of VIN) = 526

* Car Colour = Silver

* Factory fitted options = Dealer 192 Kit, Air-Con, Sports seats & Harnesses, A frame rear cage, Fire Safe systems fire estinguisher system, Sports Exhaust

* Third Party options/modifications = Not much, gear shift kit etc.

* number of previous owners = 1

Was sold new by Nick Whale Lotus in June 2002, if anyone knows of a later registered one for sale let me know.

Oh and it's up for sale if anyone is interested
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I'm a newbie S1 owner.
Details are as follows:
* Car Reg : Belgian plate
* Car Date of registration : 11/10/2000
* Manufacture Number (last three of VIN) : # 025
* Car Colour : B35 New Aluminium
* Factory fitted options : Met Paint, Alarm, Sports Seats & Harness. Black Alcantara trim.
* Third Party options/modifications : kit 190 bhp, oil cooler, brake cooling, A048s,
* current mileage (and date) : 14.000kms
* number of previous owners : 2

Needless to mention that I look forward to driving it on track soon !
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surely theres more to go on this? would be nice to have as many as possible including the ones abroad! just to check its the last three of the vin isnt it and is it also the last three numbers printed on the inside of the rear drivers side wheel in the arch?
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Things have moved on a bit since this. The disadvantage of the MLOC/BaT 'garage' approach is that it is merely a list of cars. We are trying to go a bit deeper than that and preserve the true history of the very limited run of S1 cars. Have a look at this thread:REGISTER

It's up to you whether you join in of course.

Note to All: I promise to do some work on this over the winter so that it is all worthwhile....
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Is this still going? have submitted my car details but not heard anything? This seams a mush worth while exercise as in 20 years the history of these cars will make interesting reading.
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Yes, I agree, it's important to start the records early. I have a lot of data now and my next step will be to formalise the records and, hopefully, produce something worthwhile.

There are still a load of cars not on the database of course - it'll take years to catch them all, if ever, but we've made a start.
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Date of reg-March 2001
Manufacture no-506
Colour-New Aluminium
Manufacturers options-Air-con con,leathers seats, radio/CD.
Dealer Mods: 190BHP- K&C Air Filter, Larini exhaust, Pollack Engineering Discs, Green Stuff Pads, Lotus Sport Rocker Box Cover. Black patches removed from front of rear wheel arches and Armour fended instead.
Previous Owners: 2 (In the first 4400 miles)
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Hello everybody

It introduces my ELISE.
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Hi and welcome
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Hi guys
Have been trying to log on for ages as was on this site when first started when I got my exige in aug 2000.

I have car number #027 and have had it from new and still totally original
New aluminum
Blue alcantara
Still standard 177hp (can't be many of those)
Lotus sports exhaust
has only been on track about 4 times and done 24,000 very easy leisure (posing) miles.
In fact the details are still in 'owners cars' on this forum back in 2000

Moved to cape town, south Africa 5 years ago and brought it with me. I believe there are only 2 or 3 here (none standard apart from mine) . Someone here has a mad one used for hill climbs with a 500hp engine I think.

Lotus is here in sa but only from elise2 onwards.

Broke the alternator belt and lost my locking wheel nut key back in march so has been at the back of the garage since then. Finally had the wheels drilled off and bought the belt from land rover last week and now using it for work this week after giving it a comprehensive clean (after feeling very guilty after reading Esprit's blog (bloody amazing).

She still looks like new and stops traffic. I have some great cars in the garage, worth many more times the price of my exige.... But my exige will always be my favourite and i will never sell it even though it has only had one owner (me) and is completely original. I like her that way

How do I get mine on the forum car register?

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