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Am I getting my cars wrong ? Wasn't Brendan's car in a bit of a smash ?

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Edited to say: my mistake, was thinking of another person.
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Yep, this seems to be a good list (as per Pesky)

Details to complete -

* Car Date of registration
* Manufacture Number (last three of VIN)
* Car Colour
* Factory fitted options
* Third Party options/modifications
* number of previous owners

With optionally:

Photo of car (&/or link to gallery with multple photos)
Current mileage

I'll make this thread sticky, if you guys post to it, I'll turn it into a summary later.
Just to keep this going, here are my details:

* Car Date of registration - 10th October 2000 (alarm installed on 2nd October 2000)
* Manufacture Number (last three of VIN) - 218
* Car Colour - new aluminium
* Factory fitted options - radio fitting kit, metallic paint, upgraded alarm system & carbon fibre airbox
* Third Party options/modifications - see HERE
* number of previous owners - none

Dont forget that chassis no. 252 is here:

web page
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Date of reg-September 2001
Manufacture no-519
Colour-Cobalt Blue
Manufacturers options-Air-con con!,leathers seats,190BHP
Mods-Speedline wheels+AO48s,Eliseparts seats+Luke 4-point harnesses,OMP steering wheel,Nitrons,RS14s +braided pipes,Larini exhaust+Eliseparts silenced cat bypass,ITP air filter,oil-temp gauge[frightening!!],extra oil cooler fed by right hand cooling duct in engine bay,Quaife UCR gearbox + uprated clutch,carbon-fibre splitter + diffuser+Edwards front splitter,Eliseparts quick-shift +uprated bushes,drilled number-plate mount.
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Not certain the exact reg date, I'll have to check

* Car Date of registration: Jan 2001
* Manufacture Number (last three of VIN): 159
* Car Colour: New Aluminium
* Factory fitted options: 192 BHP upgrade, Blue/black alcantara/leather Sports seats & 4 point harness,Kenwood stealth Radio/cd, Metallic Paint, alarm, s/sport exhaust
* Third Party options/modifications: none so far
* number of previous owners: 1 (the dealer)

Mr Admin - were we (that's the royal one ) going to get a table up for this? saw a great one on a Lambo site recently...
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* Car Date of registration : sometime in 2001
* Manufacture Number (last three of VIN) 099
* Car Colour: Azure Blue
* Factory fitted options: Harness bar (A-frame) and forward diagonal brace, Fire suppression system, 5-point harnesses, detachable steering wheel boss, Janspeed sport silencer with de-cat pipe, blue alcantara trim
* Third Party options/modifications: Nitron single adjustables 550/700 springs, Speedline mags, motorsport rear hatch, braided stainless brake lines, Eliseparts alloy belled rotors, EP GT Uprights, Pagid RS-14 pads, monoball spherical inserts , Lithium/Iron battery, Custom exhaust using Yoshimura carbon fiber muffler,Extended rear diffuser, carbon side scoops, carbon side skirts, custom front spitter extension, Motorsport wing, Emerald ECU, Piper Cams, Acculite pistons, Arrow rods, 200 rwhp/ 142ft/lbs rwtq.
* number of previous owners: two

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* Car Date of registration = Jan 2001

* Manufacture Number (last three of VIN) = 126

* Car Colour = Titanium

* Factory fitted options = Dealer 192 Kit, Sports seats & Harnesses, Smurf-skin (Blue Alcantara) interior kit

* Third Party options/modifications = Carbon airbox, fire extinguisher, breather kit, remote stat, upgraded discs & Pagid RS14s, Janspeed stainless exhaust, magnecor leads, Eliseparts adj engine mount, Eliseparts short shifter and gear linkage, Lotus Sport toelinks, braided brake hoses, cat bypass, rear clam ventilation (false vents opened up), driving light protectors, boot stay

* number of previous owners = 1, Roland Brinkman

One of two Exige S1s in NZ, imported from UK in September '07.

Pics to follow once I've taken some of my own... all above information is heresay as I've not actually received the car yet
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