History wanted on chassis 0125

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Hi all,

I bought my S1 back in August 19, managed to use it for a couple of months before it went to bed for the winter and to do some work on it, Covid has meant very little use since. just a trip to the MOT and one other outing.

The car has had four owners including me, I bought it off a friend ( Stuart Mason) and he had it for about 12 years so I would guess that means it passed to Stuart in around 2006/7. I would like to trace the original owner and the next one just to see what memories they have of it.
Car registered 19/6/2001 Nautilus Blue with a 190 VHPD, Stil original, It would be great if anyone on here remembers the car or owned it previously.

Here's hoping!

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Lovely colour. Can’t help on previous owners, sadly
Exige S1 No: 139
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