changing to hall effect sensor for speedo???

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Currently fitting TC control to my exige (through a DTA S80 pro ecu) for which I need to attach hall sensors to all hubs.
I am wondering whether I can ditch the speedo pickup sensor (2 wire) and feed the stack speedo a 5Vdc signal pulse from the new hall effect sensor?
I presume that the AC(?) wave that comes from the original sensor is converted to digital signal at the speedo? If so, then in theory I can bypass the A2D converter and feed the speedo with the 5Vdc pulse????
Has anyone done this? It's just there is very little room to attach 2 sensors to one rear hub!!!

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I would not try. Long time since I did any electronics and I am not sure how the Stack is arranged inside but... you will have to bypass the signal conditioning and protection and the A2D will be sitting on the bus from the micro to be read when it is addressed. It's not as if the A2D converts the A to a digital level. It's addressed. You also can't be sure where the threshold are. It is also most likely that the A2D is included in the micro. I know Lotus stuff can be old tech but Stack are/where up to date. 2 sensors must be the easiest way to go, even with restricted space.

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Eh? Technology? Lost on me but good luck with your efforts . . .
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