Exige s1 Failed constant velocity joint CV

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Hope the Easter Bunny brings you all lots of Eggs. I searched for problems on CV joints and CV joint boot problems and could only find rear engine cover Boot problems. (Forgive me if this is al ready known - So adding this )

Many years ago i had a mysterious and spectacular engine bay oil leak which sent a plume of smoke out the back . It was a momentary ... I wont bore you with the story , but suffice to say the source of the oil leak was never found. a year or so later ( im lucky if I travel more than 1500 miles a year) A slight vibration in the rear of the car was felt and worsened to the point where i though the car was going to break in half . It wasnt engine mounts it was a failed inner CV joint on the long shaft ( sorry cant remember if o/s n/s)
Simples - the spectacular oil smoke screen was casued by the CV boot splitting and dumping ( most?) of its contents as a direct shot onto the exhaust below then burning it off ... Then CV joint failure then occured within say 1500 2000 miles .

The reason i mention this is because the failed CV joint was hard to spot , on my piddly ramps at home. The car had to be on a proper lift and excessive tugging to get movement . The grease had long gone and with the general dirt in the area wasnt immediatly obvious ( to me )

Having found the CV joint failed - its was then in hind sight easy to spot heavy grease splat witness marks in the area to confirm where the smoke cloud originated from .

So please do check you CV boot gaiters at your next service - make sure they are nice and soft and "rare" , not "well done" . Mine on the long shaft are directly above the exhaust with probably an inch gap .. fab design :0) so the CV gaiter boot slowly cooked and hardened then cracked ... My old banger chassis has now covered 55k miles ... its always had the full Janspeed system since birth .
All the above happened over a 3 year period and now the cars been good for 2 years .. 3K miles , so i know its a proper fix. Next job is a bit of heat wrap round the exhaust in the CV area.

Cheers Everyone and hope it helps .

PS would be nice if we didnt get so hung up on prices - dont worry - as soon as the housing interest rates go up, prices on all cars will fill fall like bricks back to the reaches of the true enthusiast . People have short memories.... remember the 80's and negative equities .. in houses ( and in cars!! ) or at least reasearch if you were lucky enough to still be a Wink in your parents eyes............... :0) The truth is out there...
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Yes, a failing CV boot is a common problem area of the Exige S1. If you are unlucky it might even set your car on fire.

I've added a heat shield between the drive shaft and the exhaust to my car. I hope that it will prevent the boot of getting toasted.
It's made of aluminium sheet metal, covered with some TechnoFibra and fixed to the gear box housing.

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I had the same problem and mine caught fire on Donington, no damage as I drove straight to a Marshall. I also made a heat shield between the exhaust and cv joint but I found that it rubbed on the boot when the suspension/engine moved so I removed it.

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