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This is all very impressive seeing the efforts that go into a full suspension strip down and refresh however I just don't have the time nor the tools to tackle a job like this so what do you folks reckon cost might be for a good garage to take this on?

I would be looking at keeping the stuts as they seem in fine fettle and I can cost up the refresh kit, so labour hours?...

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I’ve not had it done myself but I’d guess at 3-4 days labour for a specialist to strip, clean, send, collect from others and reassemble. Powder coating is cheap, mine would go soo if it for 150. Brakes need to be done by a specialist though I did a better job than my specialist did.

Then you have full sets of bushes, bearings, tie rodd etc. I bet it’s around 5k if your existing drive shafts, rack, springs and dampers are ok.
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