Exige 'industrial' roll cage!

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Yes, it is! ... Just put the ad on there as a tentative measure to gauge reaction etc ... as a lot of Europeans monitor that site.

Just got back from watching FIA European Masters Hill Climb in Czech Republic and I am sure it would be brilliant for that sort of series as the public roads are much wider and the courses are eight Kilometres long ... so it could really get a chance to stretch its legs!

I am still not totally convinced that it is the right car for British hill climbs (Mr make-up-your-bloody-mind!) as it feels so big and heavy somehow, but it was absolutely fantastic at MIRA and I won my class in very wet conditions, so I really think it is more suited to proper track use. To make it really competitive on the hills I would need to get new shocks, forged wheels, two sets of very soft tyres, 2bular manifolds, smaller s/charger pulley & remap and then start to look at shaving off lots more weight - which would all be very costly and may totally ruin the actual car itself!

It would be a shame to strip it completely as I have just found out from Lotus that is was an original prototype, a press car and more importantly one of the Exiges used to be 'shot' at with Helen Mirren during the chase scene in the Bruce Willis Red 2 movie, so that gives it a little bit of special history.

I think the car for my needs would be a properly sorted Toyota-engined, lightweight-bodied circa-300 bhp Hangar 111 sort of S2 Exige which I believe could be very competitive even against my Cayman rival and his mates with their pricey Porsche Cup cars! To meet class regulations Honda-engined cars would not be allowed.

No meetings over Winter, so plenty of time to ponder options .... again ....aaaargh!
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Thought it looked a tiny bit familiar!

You are right about the European hillclimb venues...very impressive and so different from the UK's short, sharp shock tracks.

Nice history on your S3, so definitely something to document for posterity (and future value?).

Good luck with the winter deliberations!
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