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Evening all

So I had my first drive in a S3 V6s today - thanks to Tom at Oakmere for his help and the keys !!!!

My initial thoughts as follows

Overall a more 'grown up' S2.
Power delivery more linear and smoother than my old S2 - less frantic is probably the best description. Ultimately didn't 'feel' as fast as my 260 Cup but I didn't really get to stretch it's legs in Friday afternoon traffic :lol:
Cabin pretty much the same - I was expecting a bigger cabin and possibly a better trim fit. All of the familiar exige fit and finish. :roll:
Handling felt less sharp but that's probably to be expected as my old car was properly setup with 46mm's etc

So I guess where I'm going is how has everyone else who moved from 260bhp S2's that have been modded to the max found the transition now that they have done a little more than a 30mins test drive and maybe a few TD's.

I also notice from the V6 brochure that Lotus look like they're discouraging track use......

Use of the vehicle on track or in a competitive manner is not endorsed by Lotus .
Participation in use off road, including on closed circuit tracks or for use in a competitive manner, including timed laps or runs will
invalidate the manufacturer ’s warranty and the vehicle will require appropriate levels of expert vehicle preparation and
servicing .

All comments welcome and needed. I'm seriously considering a Lotus again and want to make sure I make the right decision


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Don't worry about the track bit Chris, I think they state only if you fit a harness bar they might void the warranty but that would only happen if they think you have abused it.
In other words they want you to buy the more expensive Cup car, remember the standard V6 comes with a 3 year warranty and the Cup warranty is 1 year or 6000 miles.
I think you need to try one on track at least that way you will get a better idea on stretching it's performance :thumbup:
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