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Well thanks to Lee at SSC I got behind the wheel of a V6 Exige a couple of weeks back.
Only really got to pootle around the streets of Mosman but the lasting impression was of a grown up Honda SC Exige .. the power was linear and quite similar while the brakes and steering were in another class from standard S1.
I could feel the additional weight but frankly that just made it feel more "planted" .. as a road car it felt similar to the Honda in a more grown up way .. probably due to AC, no rattles and creaks and no 98 octane smell on your clothes after the drive ;-) ..
Anyhow, just a quick drive but enough to think .. Hmmmm !!
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I have driven one, on the road, and was able to push it a bit. There is no comparison to an s1 or NA s2 exige. I used to have a company Jaguar s type R (400bhp) and XKR. The Exige V6 is a league up in performance from that. It is heavier at low speed than a 4 pot Exige, has stunning brakes and feels planted to the road. It is a bit more civilised than an older Exige but not a lot, it would not be a good choice for long journeys.

I am now deciding if I really want one and I can drive it without being scared! I think it is probably too fast for me. On track days I would expect that only a GT3 can keep up. I am off the age where comfort is becoming important so an Evora S is on the future list, I still do not want a 911.
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