Laser Blue S1 Exige

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Re: Laser Blue S1 Exige

Post by marten » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:15 pm

Hi Carly,

times certainly flies, i can remember very clear when i bought it close to Basildon.
The TVR affair did not last long, as i sold it within 8 months, the enginesound, performance and torque was mind blowing but it bit me twice in a few months and i decided i'd better sell it before it would live up to it's nick name ie widow maker :?

I never forgot the way the exige behaved and a couple of years ago i bought another S1, but this needed some work and altough i started i simply did not have the time to finish it, hence i sold it to Klaus who is also very active on this board and did a proper job of restoring the girl to the next level, something i could never have achieved

After selling the Exige to Klaus, i bought a V6.
This again is a lovely car, but i miss a bit of the handling and the rawness of an S1
Seeing that you are thinkering with the idea of selling, i could not help then to reply to your post

I'll send you my email adress in a PM

regards, Marten

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Re: Laser Blue S1 Exige

Post by Stretchbolt » Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:01 pm

Hello all,

After 10 years of ownership and lots of will I, won't I thoughts of whether I'll regret selling - The time has come to change and move in a different direction.

Its not quite ready for market (moving house in the coming weeks) but I'm open to discussions if anyone wants to discuss before I market.


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