Dig out your soul

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Ok this sort of stuff isn't normally posted on here, but lets face it the forum could do with some livening up...

So I am posting this in the Muppet Show forum to save time...

Buy Dig out your Soul asap...

OMG a complete and utter classic.

The Turning - pure Madchester retro smooth
Shock of the Lightning - fast fookin thrash and as good as any Definitely Maybe track
I'm Outta Time - "took me fookin 9 years to write"... an absolute classic...Lennon would be proud
Fallin Down - the best song from the best film that you haven't seen yet
To be where there's life - Sergeant Pepper homage
Soldier On - the story of every modern man, Soldier on my brother!

My recommendation is to iTunes the album and watch the video of the making of the album before listening to the album. You'll then get the most from the album.

Funny as fook!!! Recording at Abbey Road, the humour of the band, Spanish photographers and taking the piss out of Liam :haha:

Get it and enjoy...a no brainer :D

"do you know Noel Gallagher has one of these " :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: