Value question on 2010 S240

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Ok so I bought it at a Uk equivalent price that you guys would cry! Only GBP 25k!!!
2010 (built 09) S240 with only 19,500kms
Mint except for Lower front Spoiler crack (we have ridiculous speed bumps here) and small rear clam paint damage (reversed into something lightly) being fixed (and stripes removed) and then will be coming home to Cape Town to join my S1 Exige (still being refreshed)
Can’t wait to drive the S2 on the track down here.
These cars are so rare in SA and are just so beautiful, I just had to steal it.
Thanks for everyone’s input, it was appreciated and helped a lot. If anyone ever ventures Cape Town I now have a spare Exige for you to drive ;)
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Like the colour, well done :D
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